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Bad Credit & Married Couples

When two people decide to tie the knot they are doing so for better and for worst. When you think about it really what all does that in tell? Going into the process itself you will be looking at a few things being combined like income, debt and any issues that are related to bad credit situations.

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Individual and Combined

Some areas that could be looked at on an individual bases can also be combined like:

  • Auto Repossession
  • Bankruptcy
  • Max Out Credit Cards
  • Student Loans
  • Medical Bills

You may see individual issues come up a lot when a married couple has decided to get things rolling as a family starting out or looking to expand. The first order of business would be finding a home and the next is going to be a vehicle that fits their overall needs. These needs can be different and will vary from family to family and the lifestyle means. As individuals you want to get a complete understanding of what it is you will be working with before the combining or consolidating begins. From there you and your spouse will be making the choice in which dealerships you will be targeting.

Combined Credit For Married Individuals

If both people in the marriage have good credit then the dealership choices will not be as hard. But when one party or the other has poor credit or bad credit, the choices of finding for example auto loans In Canada or United States dealerships in your area can be very limited. Once your marital status has changed from single to married you now will inherit your partner's debt and will be shared 50/50 just like everything else in the relationship. So with that said looking for new or used vehicles can be as easy or as difficult as your credit will allow.

If you have some bad credit issues as a married couple you will need to go after sub prime auto loans. With these options you will be working with dealerships that have helped couples that are married deal with credit down falls. There are options available so finding the best ones that fit will be the task. Most people with bad credit no matter where you are located will choose to go with used cars; this is the same thought process for married couple. It is a choice that can prove to be very practical because it fits into most budget plans for married pairs.

Co-applicants Can Be Married

So if you are looking for United States car loans or in Canada auto loans there are rules set in place for the car loan buying process for couples that are married or planing on getting married. The buying requirements do not require you to add your spouse on the auto loan application if the one applying has the better end of credit. But if both credit status levels are bad it is a better option to go in as co-applicants.

Having bad credit and being married is a part of life so look at it as a way to better the overall situation. You and your better half can take advantage of the bad credit auto loan options for used vehicles while at the same time building or reestablishing credit.

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